Erza Gets Help is Erza Mii’s video. It's not the same as SML video! But his got age restricted!

Plot Edit

Erza asks Natsu and Gray if she wants to watch TV, then they say no because they’re watching something. Erza gets extremely mad at them and Natsu gives her two cupcakes. Erza asks Natsu to give her water but Natsu tells her to get the water herself just because she’s grown up. Natsu drags her to the fridge then Erza yells at him because she couldn’t find the water. Natsu tells Erza where it is and she gets it. Then Erza wanted cereal. Natsu told her to get the cereal herself. Later, Lucy comes and offers to help Erza by getting her cereal. Meanwhile, the video ends with Lucy and Erza play video games with Nico Robin.

Appearances Edit

  • Erza
  • Natsu
  • Gray
  • Lucy
  • Nico Robin

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video of 2018 without Attack on Titan characters since Universal Orlando New Year with Sasuke and Naruto.
  • This video was Natalie Chaet’s idea. However, Natalie expected this video to be like the SuperMarioLogan video, Jeffy Gets Help, when Jeffy takes medicine.